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Scientific Graphing with ProEssentials, USGS (United States Geological Survey)

Scientific Graphing seen on The History Channel, episode American Volcano, Mega Disasters series.
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The USGS uses ProEssentials in a variety of Scientific Graphing Software applications that monitor seismic, acoustic flow, and various other early warning data related to active volcanoes. These applications are part of an early warning system protecting populations near active volcanoes. This episode discusses Mount Rainier and Mount St Helens and how Microsoft and nearby population could be in danger as Mount Rainier is due to erupt.

Creating your own scientific graphing software is easier than you think. Why buy canned scientific graphing software when you can fully automate and customize your scientific charting to meet your needs. Then distribute as needed and not worry about licensing. ProEssentials is royalty free to distribute within your custom software.

USGS using Gigasoft for Scientific Charting in Visual Studio .Net

ProEssentials has the speed for your technical and scientific graphing needs. Resource usage is low, allowing many charts within your windows, all updating simultaneous if needed.

We've heard of customers placing up to 100 charts in one window.

ProEssentials includes 5 graphing controls, two of which are ideal for scientific graphing. The Pesgo, short for Scientific Graph object, and Pe3do, short for 3D Scientific Graph object.

Many scientific chart components shown in one window.

Scientists in the field always appreciate ProEssentials' clean rendering to screen and printer.

Scientists using Gigasoft for scientific charting seismology.

Date-Time handling for continuous as well as discontinuous data allows intelligently rendered linear calendars along the x axis. From decades to milliseconds, expect a quality x axis. This is another example of the many automatic behaviors that only come from attention-to-detail. Within our online documentation see Chapter 6, section 5 'Date/Time Handling' for information on handling dates.

Scientific charting showing date-time data along x axis

Science Applications showing Gigasoft Scientific Graphing Components on the History Channel

History Channel showing Gigasoft Scientific Charting Components

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