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International Resource Files
Open the ZIP file and install the included language resource DLL into the same directory as the ProEssentials DLL. For development purposes place in the Windows System32 directory on 32 bit systems and SysWow64 on 64 bit systems.

ProEssentials v9 through v6

German French Spanish
Italian Danish Dutch
Japanese Chinese - Traditional Chinese - Simplified
Swedish Polish Russian
Korean Portuguese  


ProEssentials v5:   Note that the following resource files will work with v4 and v5.

German French Spanish
Italian Danish Dutch
Portuguese Japanese Chinese

More resource files coming soon. If you need a specific language, download this small text file, translate, and email it back to us. We'll compile into a resource DLL.

Online developer reference

Complete online technical reference to the ProEssentials product. Our .NET Reference is the best mechanism to navigate the large quantity of properties and features.  Walk-Throughs of charting in VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP, VC, and Delphi get you started quickly.

learn more about our charting

Online interactive demo

Interactive Financial, Engineering, Scientific, and Business examples give you an instant taste of ProEssentials' power.

online charting demo