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ProEssentials one time pricing includes approximately 3 years minor maintenance release, support, royalty free distribution, perpetual license. As we are currently offering v9 + v10, this means you will be up-to-date for approximately 4 years.


ProEssentials v9+v10 Pro:

  • New License: $3199.00 one-time or $999 annual*
  • Upgrade from v8-v5 Pro: $1799.00
  • (Gov and Edu: $2899)
  • No data limitation.
  • Licensed per developer.

Don't worry about reaching limits, when the need arises, your progress won't be delayed or compromised.

Pro National

ProEssentials v9+v10 Pro National:

  • New License: $7999.00 one-time or $2699 annual*
  • No data limitation.
  • Unlimited developers one Corp one Nation.

Don't worry about licensing. Allow any and all your developers to benefit from ProEssentials in their work.


ProEssentials v9+v10 Standard:

  • New License: $1799.00
  • Upgrade from v8-v5 Std: $1299.00
  • Limited to 8000 pts per chart.
  • Licensed per developer.

Great for client-side and server-side implementations with small data sets.

Upgrading to v9 Pro

ProEssentials v9 Pro from v8-v5 from v8-v5 Standard or v7-v5 Lite

Upgrading to v9 Standard

ProEssentials v9 Stdv9 Std from v8-v5 Std, v7-v5 Lite

Electronic delivery is our only option for delivery. When ordering via PO, please include an email address. We will send serial number and download instructions with attached pdf invoice via email.

Government Educational pricing of $2899 for ProEssentials v9 Pro US or non US. When ordering online, place a note in Notes section 'GovEdu $2899'. Our system will report $3199 but the order will be processed manually and you'll receive a pdf invoice with correct price.

 * ProEssentials Subscription: optional yearly fee instead of a one-time license fee.
01. User Subscription: $999.00 per year, 3-year commitment. 1 developer.
02. National Subscription: $2699.00 per year, 3-year commitment. 1 Company, 1 Nation, Unlimited developers.
03. Subscription allows use of ProEssentials components and resources.
04. Subscription allows royalty free distribution of ProEssentials distributables (DLLs).
05. An active Subscription is required to develop ProEssentials based products, create new ProEssentials based distributions, maintain existing ProEssentials distributions.
06. Subscription requires addtional 2 Years recurring payment, after which, automatically renews yearly.
07. After 3 payments user/company is granted perpetual-development and perpetual-royalty-free-distribution of their ProEssentials versions received via Subscription.
08. User/Company may upgrade their Subscription to a Perpetual License with a one-time 100% payment of the remaining years of their 3-year commitment.
09. User/Company may cancel Subscription early if ProEssentials components and serial numbers are removed from your systems and ProEssentials is no longer in use.
10. If Subscription payment is cancelled, a new Subscription is required to again utilize ProEssentials development and distribution.

Please contact us if interested in starting a ProEssentials Subscription and have questions.

.net chart symbol 2
.net chart symbol 2
Scientific Charting Components Direct3D Direct3X Symbols and Points
Scientific Charting Components Direct3D Direct3X Symbols and Points