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Charting Component Demo with Financial data, Audio WAV file charting, 3D GIS data and more.

We recommend downloading the fully functional eval, it's only 50 meg...

ProEssentials v9.5 Pro 51 M PE9-Pro-Setup.exe v9.5.0.38

Not ready for a full eval and want something quicker and easier to study, and see how easy ProEssentials is to distribute, download PE9-Demo. The self-extracting exe places all files into one folder. Take a quick look and experience our speed and quality.

Much better than static images in a gallery, consider overall rendering quality, feature set, ease of use, and avoiding odd looking charts by sizing and other quality issues.

Simply delete the demo folder after your look. If more interested, download our full evaluation and start with our walkthrough examples found on this website. If you have a serious charting need, then seriously evaluate ProEssentials: 1) study the demo's code window for all the examples, 2) read a chapter in our help, 3) read our helps' FAQ section, and 4) you've now mastered ProEssentials. If you have a question, email us.

PE9-Demo.exe a small 17 Meg signed self extracting exe (9M terrain file and 10M Wav file showing realtime charting WAV data and GIS data.) Installs three charting demo exes with 80+ examples each:

No complex setup necessary. Copy the extracted files to a flashdrive and simply run from any system from the flash drive. Best to run on a system with dedicated graphics but newer intel processors also do great.

Check out example 403 and press 0 key to start animation, 115, 123, 400s. Try on a touch screen, 3D translates with two finger drag and two finger quarter rotate followed by single finger drag translates light position.
    • PEmfcDemo.exe (native, has feature to render in all technologies to help compare speed and demo advantage of v9, shows code in C#, C++, and Delphi Pascal.)
    • PEwinformDemo.exe (winform charting demo similar to PEmfcDemo)
    • PEwpfDemo.exe (wpf charting demo similar to PEmfcDemo)

To see the demo with localized dialogs, popup menus, and most importantly dates and our date-time features, in your language of choice, download our resource files from the resource download page and place in apps folder or the system32 folder (syswow64 for 64 bit systems).

And for readers interested in web, size the demo's window to your ideal smaller chart sizes and see how ProEssentials can pack a ton of data and detail into your smallest chart, png, or svg.

After testing the actual bits, study our help from the demo's Help menu or our Online Documentation. ProEssentials does what you need, encapsulated in a simple property, method, event interface.

Online developer reference

Complete online technical reference to the ProEssentials product. Chapter 2's .NET Chart Reference is the best mechanism to navigate the large quantity of properties and features.  Walk-Throughs of .NET charts, in VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP, VC, VB6, and Delphi get you started quickly.

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Download the evaluation

You've seen a glimpse of the power online, download the evaluation to see more impressive examples and the corresponding source code. See how easy powerful charting is to write.

download our graphing evaluation