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 ProEssentials v9 Help
Charting Components User's Manual
.Net Wpf, WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, MFC and VCL component help.

Chapter 1: Introduction  
Thank You Pedo Data Object
Graph Control Global Customizations
Scientific Graph Global Functionality
3D Scientific Graph Documentation Convention
Polar - Smith - Rose Customer / Evaluation Support
Pie Chart  


Chapter 2: .Net Charts Visual Studio.Net WPF, WinForm, WebForm Examples
.Net Graphing Overview C# WinForm VS2022-2019, VS2015
 Installation C# WPF VS2022-2019, VS2015
Examples NET60 Nuget WinForm VS2022-2019,
NET60 Nuget WPF VS2022-2019
Deployment VB WinForm, C++ WinForm
Property Arrays  
SQL Data within .NET Charts C# ASP.NET Example
Printing Charts within .NET VB ASP.NET Example
Native DLL Topics  
.Net Charts Reference  


Chapter 3: ActiveX Charts Visual Basic, VBScript, MS Office, MS Excel, MS Access
ActiveX Charting Overview Access 2013 Example
 Installation Excel 2013 Example
Examples VB6 Example
 Deployment ASP Charting Example
Property Arrays  
SQL Data and VB-Visual Basic  
Printing within VB6-Visual Basic  
DLL Declarations and Constants PEactions Property
PEvset to Transfer Data Porting from Earlier Version


Chapter 4: VCL Charts  Delphi and Builder Charting
Delphi Charting Overview Delphi Charting Example
Examples Builder Charting Example
Property Arrays  
Printing Delphi Charts PEactions Property
PEvset to Transfer Data Porting from Earlier Version


Chapter 5: Charting Library  Visual Studio.Net, MFC, C++, CPP, C, VC Charting
Charting Library Overview C++ MFC Chart Example
Installation C++ Win32 Chart Example
MFC Charting Examples  
Deployment MFC Printing VC Example
Serialization of Charts Porting from Earlier Version


Chapter 6: Programming  
Charts and Annotations Strip Real-Time
Graph Control's X Axis Scientific 3D Chart Basics
Chart Date / Time Handling Charts in Back-Ground Process
Mixing Bars-Lines in a Chart Original and Custom Parameters
Charts with Multiple Y Axes Licensing
Charts with Custom Axes-Scales Localization


Chapter 7: Common Questions  
  1. My setup program is failing, what's wrong?
  2. How do I get started?
  3. Explain ProEssentials property name nomenclature.
  4. What is the difference between the Graph and Scientific Graph?
  5. How do I get data into the graph, and how much can it hold?
  6. How do I initialize and then later make adjustments?
  7. How do I mix Bars and Lines on the same graph?
  8. How do I change the color and line/point styles of a series?
  9. How do I get rid of or control the subset legends above graph?
  10. How do I add a text string, horizontal line, or vertical line to the graph?
  11. How do I add a right y axis and have data plotted with respect to that right axis?
  12. How can user click on data points and my program respond?
  13. How do I create a High-Low Bar, High-Low-Close, Open-High-Low-Close, or Box Plot (Candle Stick)?
  14. My graph has zero values in it but they are not being graphed. What is wrong?
  15. My graph draws lines across Null Data values, how do I tell the graph to form gaps on Null Data values?
  16. I see a strange line being drawn across my chart? or, I set my code for a Log scale but I get a Linear scale?
  17. My graph is not showing expected output and/or is showing garbage. What is wrong?
  18. How do I get multiple y axes?
  19. How do I get dates to appear along the x axis?
  20. I am using a Graph, how do I control the x axis?
  21. How do I programmatically print a graph?
  22. How do I create a custom scale or axis?
  23. How do I know when the mouse is over a Hot-Spot?
  24. ow do I create a Stacked Bar/Area chart?
  25. How do I manually control the axis type, range, and grid line frequencies?
  26. How do I implement a Real-Time chart?
  27. Do all Subsets have to contain the same number of Points?
  28. Is it possible to have a thick dashed line?
  29. How do I programmatically zoom a chart?
  30. How do I programmatically UNDO the zoom?
  31. How do I localize to a specific language?
  32. I'm using the PlayMetafile function and graphics are getting drawn outside the image. Or, I'm exporting a zoomed metafile and graphics are getting drawn outside the image?
  33. After the user uses the customization dialog or popup menu, I lose the ability to programmatically set properties.
  34. How do I empty/clear a property array, or reset the entire graph?
  35. I'm repeatedly changing the state of the graph, and I'm having trouble controlling the transition from one state to another?
  36. How do I use background bitmaps and gradients?
  37. How do I use the table annotation mechanism?
  38. How do I control and/or extend the built-in popup menu system?
  39. How do I use ProEssentials with the internet?
  40. Do ProEssentials include Windowless Server Components?
  41. How do I use the PlottingMethods property?
  42. How do I get more than two x axes?
  43. How do I control where axes are located?