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INT PEvget (hObject, nProperty, lpvDestination)




The handle returned from PEcreate.



Identifies the property.



Pointer to buffer where property will be stored.


This function gets object property arrays and properties of non-simple data type (including float, double, and structures such as RECT, POINT, and HOTSPOTDATA) by copying the data selected by hObject and nProperty into the memory location pointed to by lpvDestination. This function is designed to be used with properties which start with PEP_fa, PEP_sza, PEP_na, PEP_dwa, PEP_f, PEP_pt, PEP_struct, and PEP_rect.


When dealing with property arrays, this function will return the entire array. Use lpvDestination = NULL as described below to make sure your buffer is large enough to hold the entire property array.



If lpvDestination equals NULL and nProperty represents a property array, the function returns the number of bytes needed to store the data transferred if lpvDestination is not equal to NULL.


If lpvDestination is not equal to NULL, the function returns Zero if successful, otherwise, the function returns -1.



PEvgetEx can be used to get a partial section of an array.


PEvgetcell can be used to get individual array elements.


PEvgetcellEx can be used to simplify getting two dimensional property array elements.


See Also: PEvset, PEvsetEx, PEvsetcell, PEvsetcellEx.