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BOOL PEserializetofile (hObject, lpszFilename)




The handle returned from PEcreate.



Pointer to a null-terminated string naming file.


The PEserializetofile method is used to save the controls state into a binary file which will then be used as the target for the DATA attribute of an OBJECT tag within an HTML page. This function performs the same action as the SerializeToFile OCX method, but does so without utilizing the OCX interface.


This is a fairly advanced function whose main purposes are to: 1) allow the construction of ActiveX binary states from within a pure DLL environment with no dependency on COM; 2) ease the porting of existing DLL based object construction code into a client/server web based architecture; 3) aid in constructing your own custom server components and custom logic to serve up ActiveX binary states.


For example, PEserializetofile is called with the filename "DefaultData.bin". Later an HTML page can use this file as part of the DATA attribute to construct an ActiveX based on this stored state.





<P>Graph Object Tag with Data Attribute.</P>

<OBJECT classid="clsid:C612BED1-4A73-456F-BAF7-5FF010070F7E"