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PEresetimage Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


PEresetimage(nXAspect As Integer, nYAspect As Integer) As Boolean





Width in pixels.


Height in pixels.


The PEresetimage function rebuilds the control's image used to paint itself. If nXAspect or nYAspect are zero, the image is rebuilt with respect to the control's current size.


This method can be called as part of an objects initialization as shown below, or more commonly, not needed when PEactions is set to REINITIALIZE_RESETIMAGE which incorporates this call.


Used at the end of an objects initialization or reinitialization code, this call is usually used as follows...

Call Pego1.PEreinitialize

Call Pego1.PEresetimage(0,0)

Call Pego1.PEinvalidate


Or, more commonly, if you actually use this function, it is used like...


Pego1.PEreinitialize ()

// Read ManualMaxY, or other properties related to your logic,
// and possibly add/adjust annotations or settings with

// respect to ManualMaxY for example.

Pego1.PEresetimage ( 0, 0 )

Pego1.PEinvalidate ()


The above code allows you to interogate properties related to data/scales and update properties with respect to these readings without causing an additional image to be generated (which can be a lengthy process for larger data sets.)



You can also call this function as follows...


'Which calls PEreinitialize, PEresetimage, and PEinvalidate


Pego1.PEactions = RESET_IMAGE


See Also: PEresetimageEx, PEreinitialize, PEinvalidate, OCX Methods


This method is a wrapper to the PEresetimage DLL call.