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 ProEssentials v9 Help

PEresetimageEx Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


PEresetimageEx(nExtX As Long, nExtY As Long, nOrgX As Long, nOrgY As Long) As Boolean





Width in Pixels.


Height in Pixels.


Pixel left top horizontal location of image.


Pixel left top vertical location of image.


The PEresetimageEx method rebuilds the control's internal metafile used to paint itself and export via PEgetmeta.


The PEresetimageEx method is designed to be called in custom printing logic. The parameters nExtX and nExtY should match the units used when calling SetViewportExt. The nOrgX and nOrgY parameters should match the units used when calling SetViewportOrg.


This function was needed to handle the new clipping logic built into the image construction process. By default, DisableClipping is FALSE and clipping is enabled, so this function is generally necessary in custom printing logic. If clipping is disabled, then PEresetimage can be used instead of PEresetimageEx.



The addition of clipping logic has the potential to break current ProEssentials implementations which include custom printing logic. In the process of porting an application from v3 and earlier to v6, you should plan on changing calls of PEresetimage to PEresetimageEx or disabling clipping by setting DisableClipping to TRUE.


For example code showing the use of this method, look at common Question 21.


See Also: PEresetimage, OCX Methods