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PEreinitializecustoms Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


PEreinitializecustoms() As Boolean


For most implementations, the use of this method is not necessary. The main difference between this method and PEreinitialize is that this function does not have to iterate all the data to find minimum and maximum values. For a chart with large quantities of data and axes this difference may be measurable, however, for most charts the difference is not measurable.



Used at the end of an objects reinitialize code (if not changing data), call is usually used as follows:


Call Pego1.PEreinitializecustoms

Call Pego1.PEresetimage(0,0)

Call Pego1.PEinvalidate


You can also call this function as follows...



Look in Chapter 7, Question 6 which talks about when and where to call this function.


See Also: PEresetimage, PEinvalidate, OCX Methods


This method is a wrapper to the PEreinitializecustoms DLL call.