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PEreinitialize Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


PEreinitialize() As Boolean


This function reinitializes the object by resetting all internal variables in preparation to generate a new image with PEresetimage.


If axis scales are being automatically configured (for example, ManualScaleControlY = PEMSC_NONE) then this function will determine the axis range and store the results in ManualMinY, and ManualMaxY properties. This is useful if you want to interogate ManualMinY and ManualMaxY and then modify these extents and/or add annotations which correspond to their values. All without having to waste processor time building an unnecessary image.



After setting initial property settings or calling PEloadfromfile, this function should be called. Any time you adjust the Subsets, Points, XData, YData, or ZData properties, you should call this function to complete the object's transformation.


Usage: at the end of an objects initialization or reinitialization code, this call is usually used as follows

Call Pego1.PEreinitialize

Call Pego1.PEresetimage(0,0)

Call Pego1.PEinvalidate


You can also call this function as follows...


'Which calls PEreinitialize, PEresetimage, and InvalidateRect


Pego1.PEactions = REINITIALIZE

'Which just calls PEreinitialize


Look in Chapter 7, Question 6 which talks about when and where to call this function.


See Also: PEresetimage, PEinvalidate, OCX Methods


This method is a wrapper to the PEreinitialize DLL call.