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BOOL PElaunchmaximize (hObject)




The handle returned from PEcreate.


This function invokes a maximized modal dialog with a copy of the current object maximized to fit inside it.



NonZero if the function was successful, otherwise Zero.



Note that this function creates a copy of the object. This was done so that the original object could still receive data within a real-time implementation. However, this also means there is no feedback between the maximized object and your program. If you want to have hot-spots function within a maximized control, you will have to maximize the control yourself within your application. C/C++ users can use MoveWindow and Visual Basic/Delphi developers can adjust the width/height type properties.


If NoScrollingSubsetControl equals TRUE, the maximized version of the object will reset this property, allowing access to subset parameter customizations.


.NET developers, see PeFunction.Dialog.Maximize

ActiveX/VCL developers, see the PEactions property.