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 ProEssentials v9 Help


VOID PEcreateserialdate (DOUBLE* lpDate, TM* lpTM, INT nType)




Pointer to double that will hold serial date created.



Pointer to TM struct.



1=VB, 2=DELPHI v1 compatibility.


This function takes the date/time information pointed to by lpTM and converts it into a double pointed to by lpDate that is compatible with either VBs or DELPHI v1s date/time format depending upon nType. The Delphi type is rarely used and less supported so we recommend the VB setting.



No return value. Initialize the double variable pointed to by lpDate as zero prior to calling function. If function does not modify the double value, (it remains zero) then an error occured. Usually due to the TM structure having bad arguments.



This function will be used to convert date/time information from some various format into a VB or DELPHI compatible format that ProEssentials can handle.


VBs and Delphi2's date/time format defines the number of days since 12/31/1899. Delphi1s date/time format defines the number of days since 1/1/0001. In both cases, the fractional portion represents the fraction of a day.


See Also: PEdecipherserialdate, DateTimeMode, and TM.


Visual Basic and Delphi users will not have to use this function. Visual Basic and Delphi have functions to convert/produce date/time values. Visual Basic has a Date type variable and Delphi uses a TDateTime variable. These are compatible with ProEssentials.