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 ProEssentials v9 Help

PEcopysvgtofile Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


PEcopysvgtofile (nWidth As Integer, nHeight As Integer, szFile As String, bCompress As Boolean) As Boolean





Width in pixels


Height in pixels


Name of file to create or replace.


True to compress output, else, human readable.


This function places the current image, in the form of an SVG, into a file named by fileName. If bCompress is True, the file is built compressed.


The SVG format is a vector based image definition format similar to the metafile format. Unicode strings are only supported if Unicode fonts are used to build chart. These same Unicode fonts must be present on any target system.


ProEssentials adds SVG support at a very basic level. We do not support interactivity, or other advanced features SVG can potentially offer. Its main advantage is passing large high resolution images via small bandwidth (many charts will only take 2K in data independent of size of image.)



This method is a wrapper to the PEcopysvgtofile DLL call.