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PEcopymetatofile Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


PEcopymetatofile (nWidth As Integer, nHeight As Integer, szFile As String) As Boolean





Width in 1/100th millimeters


Height in 1/100th millimeters


Name of file to create or replace.


This function places the current image, in the form of a metafile, into a file named by szFile. To insure image quality, the aspect ratio (width/height) must be between 0.333 and 10.0.


It is recommended that ExportImageDPI or DpiX/DpiY is non-zero.


The metafile created is a standard metafile, not an enhanced metafile. Sstandard metafiles do not support 32 bit colors, so RenderEngine is set to Gdi when building the image for metafile export. Also BitmapGradientMode is best set to False, or bitmap/gradient sections will show as transparent within the created metafile. Though, this can be useful if you want the resulting metafile to have a transparent background.



See Also: PEcopymetatoclipboard, OCX Methods, PEcopymetatofile.


This method is a wrapper to the PEcopymetatofile DLL call.