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BOOL PEcopymetatoclipboard (hObject, lpPoint)




The handle returned from PEcreate.



Pointer to POINT struct holding size..


This function places the current image, in the form of a metafile, into the clipboard. It is recommended that ExportImageDPI or DpiX/DpiY is non-zero.


The metafile created is a standard metafile, not an enhanced metafile. Standard metafiles do not support 32 bit colors so RenderEngine is set to Gdi when building the image for metafile export. Also BitmapGradientMode is best set to False, or bitmap/gradient sections will show as transparent within the created metafile. Also, standard metafiles do not support Unicode strings, if using a double byte character set, see WideCharToMultiByte and CodePage properties.





Pointer to a POINT struct where POINT.x stores the width and POINT.y stores the height. The dimensions are in 1/100th of a millimeter. The dimensions must not equal zero. To insure image quality, the aspect ratio (width/height) must be between 0.333 and 10.0.



NonZero if the function was successful, otherwise Zero.



.NET developers, see PeFunction.Image.MetafileToClipboard


Ocx|Vcl developers, see the PEactions property.


With OCX interface, you can call this function as follows...

Pego1.PEnarg1 = 'width in pixels

Pego1.PEnarg2 = 'height in pixels

Pego1.PEactions = 12 ' Calls PEcopymetatoclipboard


In Delphi, use...

PEGraph1.PEnarg1 := {width in pixels};

PEGraph1.PEnarg2 := {height in pixels};

PEGraph1.PEactions := gMetaToClip; {Calls PEcopymetatoclipboard}