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The PEWN_TAMOVED notification message is sent to the parent window when the user changes a moveable table annotation's location. When processing this event, read the PEP_nMOVINGTABLEANNOTATION property to learn which table annotation was moved.





Specifies the control identifier in its low-order word and the PEWN_TAMOVED notification code in its high-order word..


Contains the Windows/ProEssentials handle for the object



The Table annotation click event will get triggered at start of a movement, However, you look at the HOTSPOTDATA.w1 field to test for these case.
If HOTSPOTDATA.w1 = -1, table annotation is being moved.
If HOTSPOTDATA.w1 = -2, table annotation's left edge is being sized.
If HOTSPOTDATA.w1 = -3, table annotation's right edge is being sized.
Likely you want to test for these to know that an actual cell was not clicked.

.NET developers use the PeTAMoved event.

OCX/VCL developers use the TAMoved event.


See Also: PEWN_TASIZEDLEFT, PEWN_TASIZEDRIGHT, TAMoveable, ProEssentials Messages


For an example: See the included VC6 Example Project, "PEVIEW.CPP" file, OnCommand handler for an example of event processing. This project will load into VC6 or Visual Studio .NET.