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The PEWN_PRECURSORMOVE notification message is sent to the parent window when the user changes the cursors location. This message is set before the cursor is actually moved. This lets the developer read and optionally change the CursorSubset and CursorPoint properties before the cursor actually moves.





Specifies the control identifier in its low-order word and the PEWN_PRECURSORMOVE notification code in its high-order word..


Contains the Windows/ProEssentials handle for the object



.NET developers use the PePreCursorMove event.

OCX/VCL developers use the custom event PreCursorMove


See Also: PEWN_CURSORMOVE, CursorMode, ProEssentials Messages


For an example: See the included VC6 Example Project, "PEVIEW.CPP" file, OnCommand handler for an example of event processing. This project will load into VC6 or Visual Studio .NET.