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The PEWN_DBLCLICKED notification message is sent to the parent window when the user double-clicks the object. Before the notification message is sent, the object invokes the customization dialog or auto-coordinate prompting if AllowCustomization or AllowCoordPrompting is TRUE.





Specifies the control identifier in its low-order word and the PEWN_DBLCLICKED notification code in its high-order word.


Contains the Windows/ProEssentials handle for the object


This event can be used to receive a HOTSPOTDATA structure.



.NET/OCX/VCL developers use the standard double click event.


See Also: AllowUserInterface, ProEssentials Messages


For an example: See the included VC6 Example Project, "PEVIEW.CPP" file, OnCommand handler for an example of event processing. This project will load into VC6 or Visual Studio .NET.