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Pego, Pesgo, Pe3do, Pepso


Property Array of type String











This property contains the text for the graph annotations which are located by the GraphAnnotationX and GraphAnnotationY properties.


The following two-character prefix codes can be used to control placement of the text. If no prefix is supplied, the graph annotation text will be dynamically positioned around the graph annotation location to prevent overlapping text. Note the pipe delimiter can be redefined with the Delimiter property.





Center bottom justified text


Left bottom justified text


Right bottom justified text


Center top justified text


Left top justified text


Right top justified text


Top, vertical, and centered text


Bottom, vertical text, centered


Bottom, vertical text, right-side


Top, vertical text, left-side


Bottom, vertical text, left-side


Top, vertical text, right-side


Centered on left side with vertical text


Centered on right side with vertical text


Left justified, horizontal text centered vertically


Right justified, horizontal text centered vertically


Special code to be used with GraphAnnotationType.Pointer (see below and example 031 in the demo)


Similar to |H above, but vertically orients text


Example Strings

"|cCentered String Example"

"|lLeft justified text"


Using the |H justification code with Pointer annotation types.


'// Manually places text at separate coordinates than annotation.    //

'// Pointer points to (20,90) but text is located at (33,120)        //

'// Note that coordinates are split and terminated with pipe symbol. //

Pego1.PeAnnotation.Graph.X(nCount) = 20

Pego1.PeAnnotation.Graph.Y(nCount) = 90

Pego1.PeAnnotation.Graph.Text(nCount) = "|H33.0|120.0|Moveable"

Pego1.PeAnnotation.Graph.Type(nCount) = GraphAnnotationType.Pointer



PeAnnotation.Graph.Text members of Pego.PeAnnotation.Graph, Pesgo.PeAnnotation.Graph, Pe3do.PeAnnotation.Graph, Pepso.PeAnnotation.Graph


Graph annotations are implemented with the following other properties. GraphAnnotationX, GraphAnnotationY, GraphAnnotationType, GraphAnnotationColor, GraphAnnotationAxis ,and HideIntersectingText.


Within the demo, see example 015 and 031.


See GraphAnnotationType which includes example code.


Refer to Chapter 7, Question 10 for more information on annotations.


When used with PEvget, the destination buffer must be large enough to hold all of the tab delimited string information. For property arrays, calling PEvget with lpDest equal to NULL will return the number of bytes needed to hold the data.