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Pego, Pesgo, Pepso


Property Array of type Int32











This property array makes it easier to select which subsets are visible. It also has a second optional ability to control the order of how subsets are drawn. When using this feature, set a value of 0 to 9 for each subset. The subsets are then plotted with largest valued subsets first and any values of zero are skipped.



PeData.SubsetsToShow members of Pego.PeData, Pesgo.PeData, Pepso.PeData


RandomSubsetsToGraph provides similar functionality and you may find it easier to use in some scenarios.


The following examples show how to specify the 3rd and 5th subsets to be graphed. All other subsets will be hidden.


.NET Example


' assume chart has 5 subset '

Pego1.PeData.SubsetsToShow(0) = 0 'first subset hidden
Pego1.PeData.SubsetsToShow(1) = 0 'second subset hidden
Pego1.PeData.SubsetsToShow(2) = 1 'show third (1 could be any value from 1 to 9)
Pego1.PeData.SubsetsToShow(3) = 0 'fourth subset hidden
Pego1.PeData.SubsetsToShow(4) = 1 'show fifth (1 could be any value from 1 to 9)


OCX Example


' assume chart has 5 subset '

Pego1.SubsetsToShow(0) = 0 'first subset hidden
Pego1.SubsetsToShow(1) = 0 'second subset hidden
Pego1.SubsetsToShow(2) = 1 'show third (1 could be any value from 1 to 9)
Pego1.SubsetsToShow(3) = 0 'fourth subset hidden
Pego1.SubsetsToShow(4) = 1 'show fifth (1 could be any value from 1 to 9)


C / C++ Example


int nArray[5]; // assuming chart has 5 subsets

nArray[0] = 0; // first subset hidden

nArray[1] = 0; // second subset hidden

nArray[2] = 1; // third subset shown

nArray[3] = 0; // fourth subset hidden

nArray[4] = 1; // fifth subset shown

PEvset (hWndPE, PEP_naSUBSETSTOSHOW, nArray, 5)


You may also need to empty this array in order to show all subsets. You can empty this property array and other property arrays as follows:

.NET: Pego1.PeData.SubsetsToShow.Clear()


ActiveX: Pego1.SubsetsToShow(-1) = 0


SDK/DLL: PEvset (hWndPE, PEP_naSUBSETSTOSHOW, nArray, 0)