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Property Array of type Int32











This property array is used to define meaningful frequencies to place point labels and tabled data.



PeGrid.Configure.AltFrequencies members of Pego.PeGrid.Configure


The Graph Object has a mechanism to produce legible point labels and tabled data when many points are being graphed. This mechanism is implemented with the following properties: AltFrequencies, AltFrequencies, and TargetPointsToTable.


PEP_naALTFREQUENCIES is used to trigger this mechanism.

TargetPointsToTable represents the number of point labels which will be attempted to be displayed.

AltFrequencies holds an array of meaningful frequencies.


*Note: You are not required to define alternate frequencies for this mechanism to function. Only define alternate frequencies if you want the frequency selection process to pick a frequency which seems logical with respect to the type of data being displayed. If no alt frequencies are defined, the Graph Object can pick any frequency which produces a number of point labels closest to TargetPointsToTable.



You are displaying point information as seconds and have 2400 seconds worth of data. You could define alternate frequencies of 5, 15, 30, 60,and 120, or 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 1/2 minute, 1 minute, and 2 minutes. As the user utilizes the Customization Dialog and changes the PointsToGraph property, the Graph Object would select the closest frequency to the result of dividing PointsToGraph by TargetPointsToTable.


C / C++ Example


int nArray[5];

nArray[0] = 5;

nArray[1] = 15;

nArray[2] = 30;

nArray[3] = 60;

nArray[4] = 120;

PEvset (hWndPE, PEP_naALTFREQUENCIES, nArray, 5);


OCX Example


PEGraph1.AltFrequencies(0) = 5

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies(1) = 15

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies(2) = 30

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies(3) = 60

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies(4) = 120


VCL Example


PEGraph1.AltFrequencies[0] := 5;

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies[1] := 15;

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies[2] := 30;

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies[3] := 60;

PEGraph1.AltFrequencies[4] := 120;


See Also: Chapter 7, Question 20.