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Controls the target resolution in DotsPerInch when printing.


If zero, the chart's image is sent to the printer via the actual graphic primitives and final resolution is based upon the printer's driver settings. This produces the sharpest graphics and may be the best setting when printing with ViewingStyle set to MonoChrome, BitmapGradientMode = False, and not using dash or dot SubsetLineTypes.


If non zero, the chart image is prepared as a bitmap (at the specified PrintDpi) and this bitmap is sent to the printer. The default and recommend setting is 300. 300 produces a good looking image while not requiring a huge amount of memory to be sent to the printer. The max setting should be 600 and we recommend testing heavily if using a setting of 600. When sending as a bitmap, PrintTechnology determines if an uncompressed BMP is sent via GDI calls, or the image is compressed as a PNG and sent to the printer via GdiPlus calls. Compressing and sending as a PNG will help with sending huge amounts of data to the printer, but then some printer drivers may not work with the required GdiPlus calls as desired.



Printing via a prepared bitmap is a new default approach to printing in version 6. With the addition of GdiPlus calls, our testing has found some printers do not render GdiPlus commands adequately. Preparing as a bitmap represents a more robust method of printing (a safer and more consistent method of printing.) It also has the advantage of making dotted lines more visible on 1200 DPI printers. It's for these reasons we changed the new default print technology to preparing as a bitmap. We also added a feature to our built-in print dialog to allow the end-user to adjust this setting if HidePrintDpi is not set True. The print dialog allows the end-user to adjust PrintDpi to 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and MAX. Where MAX means setting PrintDpi = Zero and thus graphic primitives are sent directly to printer rather than preparing as a bitmap.


Direct3D and Direct2D images must be printed as a prepared bitmap.


PeUserInterface.Dialog.PrintDpi members of Pego.PeUserInterface.Dialog, Pesgo.PeUserInterface.Dialog, Pe3do.PeUserInterface.Dialog, Pepso.PeUserInterface.Dialog, Pepco.PeUserInterface.Dialog


See Also: HidePrintDpi, ExportImageDpi, PrintTechnology, DpiX, DpiY, PElaunchprintdialog, PEprintgraph, PEprintgraphEx