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This property may be rarely needed and used internally when we need to know if image is in the process of being scrolled.


We added this property so developers can set to TRUE when placing one of our ActiveX controls within an MS Access Report. This property causes the control to draw itself within the MM_ANISOTROPIC mapping mode. It may be likely that other report writers or other containers may prefer this property being set to TRUE when embedding our controls into a report or container. Though, only set to True if experiencing problems.


This property controls whether ProEssentials will automatically call Function.Reinitialize if properties were adjusted and then an image is requested. This property should only be disabled in certain real-time implementation. This allows new data to be set without having to reinitialize the object.


Gets or Sets whether image is constructed with custom or original parameter set. See help for more info.


Gets whether control supports a custom and original parameter set. See help for more info.


Gets or Sets the maximum number of hot spots possible.


Set to 2, 3 to relax the shape limit when exporting images. 2 = 1/20 to 20

3 = 1/30 to 30, etc.


Gets or Sets the help file name invoked from built-in menus and dialogs.


Read only. True if Direct2D and DirectX11 is available. Read to help optimize your code for conditions of modern features are not available.


When exporting metafiles from an object that has been zoomed, lines may be drawn outside the metafiles region. Setting this property to zero will prevent this from happening.


Read Only, Gets the internal type (Graph, SGraph, Polar, Pie, 3D) of the ProEssentials object.


Gets whether control is in the process of painting image to screen.


Represents likely max monitor size. If image is larger than this value, chart triggers different logic for fonts, symbol sizes, min and max symbol sizes as it assumes image is very high resolution.


Allows setting the starting svg XMLNS parms. If setting this option, start with less-than svg "<svg", include width, height, viewbox to match your export. End string with greater sign ">".


Allows setting the ?XML tag string content at start of SVG xml. End this string with question-mark greater sign "?>".