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Pego, Pesgo, Pe3do, Pepso, Pepco


public int PeFunction.ReinitializeResetImage ( )

The Reset function is used to revert the object to its default state. The default state is how the object looks after the call to PEcreate which is called on behalf of the .NET interface. When placing a control on a form, the default state is slight enhanced after the call to PEcreate. FixedFonts is set to True, PrepareImage is set to True, and font sizes are potentially set to match the parent forms font settings. So after the Reset call, you will likely need to set FixedFonts, PrepareImages, and a few other setting to achieve the correct starting point to rebuild your chart.


Also, Pe3do objects require a call to Reset as the first line of code in their initialization. This is because we calculate polygon data only once upon the initial initialization, thus rotation does not require data-to-polygon recalculations.



NonZero if the function was successful, otherwise Zero.



PeFunction.Reset members of Pego.PeFunction, Pesgo.PeFunction, Pe3do.PeFunction, Pepso.PeFunction, Pepco.PeFunction