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Pego, Pesgo, Pe3do, Pepso, Pepco


public int PeFunction.PartialReinitializeResetImage ( )

This function finalizes the initialization of the chart and builds an image reflecting current property settings. Thus, this call is usually the last line of initializationg code, and is often followed by the Refresh method.


Similar to ReinitializeResetImage, this version is faster as it does not determine min/max and other axis parameters. Only use this function if adjusting non-data related properties, else use ReinitializeResetImage.



NonZero if the function was successful, otherwise Zero.



PeFunction.PartialReinitializeResetImage members of Pego.PeFunction, Pesgo.PeFunction, Pe3do.PeFunction, Pepso.PeFunction, Pepco.PeFunction