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Pego, Pesgo, Pe3do, Pepso, Pepco


public int Maximize ( )


This function invokes a maximized modal dialog with a copy of the current object maximized to fit inside it.



NonZero if the function was successful, otherwise Zero.



Note that this function creates a copy of the object. This was done so that the original object could still receive data within a real-time implementation. However, this also means there is no feedback between the maximized object and your program. If you want to have hot-spots function within a maximized control, you will have to maximize the control yourself within your application. C/C++ users can use MoveWindow and Visual Basic/Delphi developers can adjust the Width/Height type properties or call the MoveWindow API call.


If NoScrollingSubsetControl equals TRUE, the maximized version of the object will reset this property, allowing access to subset parameter customizations.


PeFunction.Dialog.Maximize members of Pego.PeFunction.Dialog, Pesgo.PeFunction.Dialog, Pe3do.PeFunction.Dialog, Pepso.PeFunction.Dialog, Pepco.PeFunction.Dialog