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Pego, Pesgo


public ProEssentials.Structs.TM PeFunction.GetSpringDayLight ( )


This method is used to retrieve the current DayLightSaving spring time threshold.



A ProEssentials.Structs.TM. Only the nMonth, nDay, nYear fields are applicable. The default values are nMonth = 4 (April), nDay = 1 (1st Sunday), nHour = 2 (2 am). nDay stores a number between (1-5) representing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th Sunday in the month.


public struct TM
    int nMonth;
    int nDay;
    int nYear;
    int nHour;
    int nMinute;
    int nSecond;
    int nMilliSecond;
    int nWeekDay;
    int nYearDay;




See Also: DayLightSavings, SetFallDayLight, GetFallDayLight, and SetSpringDayLight


PeFunction.GetSpringDayLight members of Pego.PeFunction, Pesgo.PeFunction