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Pego, Pesgo, Pepso


public ProEssentials.Structs.GraphLoc PeFunction.GetGraphLoc ( )


This method is used to retrieve the coordinates for the most recent PEHS_GRAPH hot spot event. For this reason, this method is generally called after GetHotSpotData where a PEHS_GRAPH event is recognized.



A ProEssentials.Structs.GraphLoc.


public struct GraphLoc
    int nAxis; // 0 to 15 representing axis for data below
    double fXval; // x data location
    double fYval; // y data location



See Also: GetHotSpotData, GetHotSpot


See example 014 within the demo.


PeFunction.GetGraphLoc members of Pego.PeFunction, Pesgo.PeFunction, Pepso.PeFunction