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public event ImageMapEventHandler PeImageMap;


public delegate void ImageMapEventHandler(object sender, ProEssentials.EventArg.ImageMapEventArgs e);


public ImageMapEventArgs (
     string HRef,
     string ToolTip,
     string Attributes,
     bool Visible,
     ProEssentials.Enums.HotSpotType HotSpotType,
     int Data1,
     int Data2)





Optionally, set a URL to associate with this image map item. Clicking this hotspot will link to this URL.


Optionally, set a ToolTip to associate with this image map item. Hovering mouse over hotspot will show user the string provided.


Optionally, provide an attribute string which will be appended to this image map item. Attaching script or client-side code is commonly placeds here.


Set to False to prevent this individual map item from being rendered.


Holds hot spot data defined with Gigasoft.ProEssentials.Enums.HotSpotType. Read this item to learn more about the type of hot spot being created.

enum HotSpotType
None = 0,
Subset = 1,
Point = 2,
Graph = 3,
Table = 4,
DataPoint = 5,
Annotation = 6,
XAxisAnnotation = 7,
YAxisAnnotation = 8,
HorzLineAnnotation = 9,
VertLineAnnotation = 10,
MainTitle = 11,
SubTitle = 12,
MultiSubTitle = 13,
MultiBottomTitle = 14,
YAxisLabel = 15,
XAxisLabel = 16,
YAxis = 17,
XAxis = 18,
YAxisGridNumber = 19,
RYAxisGridNumber = 20,
XAxisGridNumber = 21,
TXAxisGridNumber = 22,
TableAnnotation0 = 23,
    ... more table annotation types...
TableAnnotation59 = 82,
ZAxisGridNumber = 83,


For HotSpotType types DataPoint and Table, Data1 and Data2 are the respecive Subset and Point index. You can determine data value with PeData.Y(Data1, Data2).

For types MultiSubTitle and MultiBottomTitle, Data1 is title index, Data2 = 0-left, 1-center, 2-right.

For types TableAnnotation Data1 and Data2 are the row and column index.

For GridNumber types, Data1 is axis index when using MultiAxesSubsets, use Data2 to get UserInterface.HotSpot.GridNumber[Data2] to determine grid number value.

For YAxisLabel and YAxis types, Data1 is axis index, Data2=0-left, 1=right.

For XAxisLabel and XAxis types, Data1 = 0-bottom, 1=top.

All graph, line, and axis annotation types use Data1 to hold annotation index.


Set Data1 above.



The PeImageMap event is triggered in the process of the server control building an image when RenderingType is ImageMap and server side code enables hot spots via the PeUserInterface.HotSpot namespace.



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