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 ProEssentials v9 Help

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Charting Components for creating Charting Tools.

.Net Charting Control for real world charting.
  • User's Manual
  • Reference: useful to visualize related properties, methods, and events, even if not using the .NET charting interfaces.
  • New v9 Charting Features
  • Can't find what you need, customer support information.
  • This help content often refers to examples such as 030, 122, or 202. These are referring to code samples found in the demo program "PEDEMO.EXE" as well as all example projects. Within the example projects 000 series examples are found in Form2, 100 series examples in Form3, 200 series examples in Form4, etc. For the MFC example project, all are within PEview.cpp. The demo projects are a valuable source of development information.


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