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GetRectAxis Method

*Within client side VBScript within a web page, use GetRectAxisEx


Scope Graph, Scientific Graph Interfaces


GetRectAxis(pnLeft As Integer, pnTop As Integer, pnRight As Integer, pnBottom As Integer)





Variable to store left coordinate.


Variable to store top coordinate.


Variable to store right coordinate.


Variable to store bottom coordinate.


This method is used to retrieve the coordinates for the graphs axis area defined by the current state of the WorkingAxis property. Units are in pixels where (0,0) represents left top corner of control. This method retrieves the same data as defined by PEP_rectAXIS.



See Also: GetRectGraph, OCX Methods, PEP_rectAXIS.


Visual Basic 6 Example

Dim nLeft As Integer

Dim nTop As Integer

Dim nRight As Integer

Dim nBottom As Integer

Pego1.WorkingAxis = 2 To find the coordinates of third axis.

Pego1.GetRectAxis nLeft, nTop, nRight, nBottom