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 ProEssentials v9 Help

GetLastMouseMove Method

*Within client side VBScript within a web page, use GetLastMouseMoveEx


Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


GetLastMouseMove(pnX As Integer, pnY As Integer)





Variable to store X location in pixel coordinates.


Variable to store Y location in pixel coordinates.


This method is used to retrieve the mouse coordinates for the most recent MouseMove event. This method retrieves the same data as PEP_ptLASTMOUSEMOVE.



See example 014 within the demo.


See Also: PEgethotspot, GetHotSpotData, OCX Methods, PEP_ptLASTMOUSEMOVE.


Visual Basic 6 Example

Private Sub Pego1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)


Dim PixelX As Integer

Dim PixelY As Integer

Pego1.GetLastMouseMove PixelX, PixelY

'** Call PEgethotspot **'

Pego1.PEgethotspot PixelX, PixelY

'** Now look at HotSpotData structure **'

Dim HotSpotType As Integer

Dim Extra1 As Long

Dim Extra2 As Long

Pego1.GetHotSpotData HotSpotType, Extra1, Extra2

If (HotSpotType = PEHS_DATAPOINT) Then

  s = "DataPoint value " + Str$(Pego1.YData(Extra1, Extra2))

  Form2.Caption = s

ElseIf (HotSpotType = PEHS_SUBSET) Then

  s = "Subset Legend is " + Pego1.SubsetLabels(Extra1)

  Form2.Caption = s

ElseIf (HotSpotType = PEHS_POINT) Then

  s = "Point Label is " + Pego1.PointLabels(Extra1)

  Form2.Caption = s


  Form2.Caption = "No Hot Spot"

End If


End Sub