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 ProEssentials v9 Help

GetGraphLoc Method

*Within client side VBScript within a web page, use GetGraphLocEx


Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


GetGraphLoc(pnAxis As Integer, pdXValue As Double, pdYValue As Double)





Variable to store axis index.


Variable to store X location in graph data coordinates.


Variable to store Y location in graph data coordinates.


This method is used to retrieve the coordinates for the most recent PEHS_GRAPH hot spot event. For this reason, this method is generally called after GetHotSpotData. This method retrieves the same data as PEP_structGRAPHLOC, or the GRAPHLOC structure.



See Also: GetHotSpotData, OCX Methods, PEP_structGRAPHLOC.


Visual Basic 6 Example

'** First look at HotSpotData structure **'

Dim HotSpotType As Integer

Dim Extra1 As Long

Dim Extra2 As Long

Pego1.GetHotSpotData HotSpotType, Extra1, Extra2

If (HotSpotType = PEHS_GRAPH) Then

  Dim nAxis As Integer

  Dim dX As Double

  Dim dY As Double

  Pego1.GetGraphLoc nAxis, dX, dY

  s = "Graph Location " + Str$(dX) + "," + Str$(dY)

  Form2.Caption = s

End If