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GetExtraAxisTX Method

*Within client side VBScript within a web page, use GetExtraAxisTXEx


Scope Scientific Graph Interfaces


GetExtraAxisTX(pfMin As Single, pfMax As Single, pszLabel As String, pfManualLine As Single, pfManualTick As Single, pszFormat As String, pnShowAxis As Integer, pnShowTick As Integer, pbInverted As Integer, pbLog As Integer, pdwColor As OLE_COLOR)





Variable to store minimum range of axis.


Variable to store maximum range of axis.


Variable to store axis label string.


Variable to store grid line density.


Variable to store grid tick density.


Variable to store format string.


Variable to store ShowAxis state.


Variable to store ShowTick state.


Variable to store Inverted state.


Variable to store Log state.


Variable to store axis color.

...see SetExtraAxisTX for definitions for the above parameters.


This method is used to manage extra top x axes. These axes are not directly related to data and are purely visual items. If you want to plot data with respect to these extra scales, then the data will need to be normalized with respect to the first top x axis scale. Before calling this method, set WorkingAxis to the axis index (0 through 4) for the appropriate axis if using more than one extra top x axis.


See example 130 within demo for more information.



See Also: SetExtraAxisTX, SetExtraAxisX, OCX Methods, PEP_structEXTRAAXISTX.


Visual Basic 6 Example

Dim fMin As Single

Dim fMax As Single

Dim szLabel As String

Dim fManL As Single

Dim fManT As Single

Dim szFmt As String

Dim nSA As Integer

Dim nST As Integer

Dim bIA As Integer

Dim bLog As Integer

Dim dwColor As OLE_COLOR


Pesgo1.WorkingAxis = 0 getting first extra x axis

Pesgo1.GetExtraAxisTX fMin, fMax, szLabel, fManL, fManT, szFmt, nSA, nST, bIA, bLog, dwColor