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Common Question 7

How do I mix Bars and Lines on the same graph?

There are two properties that control two possible plotting methods: PlottingMethod and PlottingMethodII. The property that controls which data is graphed in which plotting method is the ComparisonSubsets property. This property defines how many subsets (from the end of your data) get plotted in the second plotting method.


For example, you have 5 subsets and want 3 as bars and 2 as lines. You will first assign three subsets worth of bar data (subset indices 0, 1, and 2) and follow that with 2 subsets of line data (subset indices 3 and 4). Set the ComparisonSubsets property equal to 2 and PlottingMethod and PlottingMethodII appropriately.


For more information, see the Comparison Subsets section in Chapter 6 and ComparisonSubsets in the reference section.  Within the demo and demo projects, see example 003.


Version 5 also added a new feature PlottingMethods that allows per subset control of plotting method style.   Within the demo and demo projects, see example 022.