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Common Question 6

How do I initialize and then later make adjustments?

When writing code to display a graph, after setting various properties and passing your data, the last thing you do is tell ProEssentials to reinitialize itself and rebuild its image.

After you have called ReinitializeResetImage, then any time you further adjust properties, you will again have to reinitialize the object to the newly adjusted properties. This re-initialization can be in two forms, Complete, or Partial.


Complete Initialization

If you are adjusting Subsets, Points, or giving new data (YData, XData) which needs to be re-autoscaled, you need to do a full reinitialization as described above.


Partial Initialization

If you are not setting Subsets, Points, or passing new data, you can perform a partial initialization with PeFunction.PartialReinitialize.  Within the ActiveX, VCL, or DLL, call  PEreintializecustoms, PEresetimage, and the Windows InvalidateRect function.



Try to structure your code so that you perform as few re-initializations as possible. Also make note that calling unneeded PEreinitialize and PEreinitializecustoms functions will only slow down your application, especially if you have large data sets. It can also lead to confusing the control if done prematurely before data and all interdependent properties have been passed.