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Common Question 34

How do I empty/clear a property array, or reset the entire graph?

Reverting to Default State

To empty a chart of all properties and revert it back to its default state:


.NET developers use PeFunction.Reset


OCX developers use PEactions = REVERT_TO_DEFAULTS (20)


C/C++ developers use PEreset DLL call.


Emptying a property array


.NET developers use PeData.Y.Clear

See Chapter 2 for more info.



OCX developers clear property arrays by setting the index to -1 and equating property to zero. For example..

Pego1.RandomSubsetsToGraph(-1) = 0

Text type property arrays can be emptied like...

Pego1.PointLabels(-1) = "0"

Two dimensional arrays are emptied like...

Pego1.YData(0, -1) = 0

See Chapter 3 for more info.



C/C++ developers, use PEvset and pass zero as the last argument to empty property arrays.