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Common Question 16

I see a strange line being drawn across my chart? or, I set my code for a Log scale but I get a Linear scale?

Sometimes developers set the Points property to (for example) 100, and then only pass  85 points. The remaining 15 points are un-initialized and are zero by default. If you do this and also happen to change the NullDataValue property, zero now becomes a valid data value. The remaining 15 un-initialized values now contain valid zero values and ProEssentials will attempt to chart these values.


This is the main cause for customers calling and telling us that...

  1. a strange line is being drawn across their chart.

  2. they're getting a Linear scale when they set the code for a Log scale. Log scales cannot chart zero.

Also, you can see a strange line across your chart if you exceed a point index when assigning YData. Check that point indices go from 0 to Points-1.