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Common Question 11

How do I add a right y axis and have data plotted with respect to that right axis?

Similar to the ComparisonSubsets property, you will use the RYAxisComparisonSubsets property. A common mistake is to set ForceRightYAxis to TRUE. However, this does not cause data to be plotted with respect to an alternate axis, but only shows the axis.


The RYAxisComparisonSubsets property designates a group of subsets at the end of the object's data. This secondary group will be auto-scaled if ManualScaleControlRY is set to zero (autoscaling). If not, ManualMinRY and ManualMaxRY are used to manually scale the secondary right y axis. Since the data being plotted with respect to the right y axis is considered comparison subsets, you will need to use PlottingMethodII to control how that data is graphed.


For example, you have 3 subsets where the last 2 are much larger in magnitude than the first. Simply setting RYAxisComparisonSubsets equal to 2 will cause the last 2 subsets to be plotted with respect to their own y axis located on the right side of the graph.


If you have graph annotations or line annotations that need to be plotted with respect to the right y axis, add 1000 to the annotation type. This will signify that the annotation's units are based off of the right y axis.


For more information, see the Comparison Subsets section in Chapter 6 and RYAxisComparisonSubsets in the reference section.


PlottingMethods that can also control per subset plotting method style and per subset use of right y axes and/or top x axes. Top x axes are for Scientific Graphs only.


Within the demo and demo example projects,  see example 003 or example 022 .