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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 6: Localization


To localize your application's international language for ProEssentials menus and dialogs, use the following resource only DLLs.  Date, Time, and numeric formatting within ProEssentials will automatically adjust to the system's local.


To use only one resource file, open the below ZIP file and install the language resource file, PEGRC32D.DLL, into the same directory as the ProEssentials DLL.


To change resources between several files, rename the below PEGRC32D.DLL files as needed and use ChangeResources function to force an immediate switch in language. All controls in memory will use the new resource DLL.

.NET developers will use PeFunction.ChangeResources,

OCX developers will use the ChangeResources Method, and

DLL developers will use the PEchangeresources DLL call.


The following resource files will work with Pro, Standard, and Lite versions.


See our Website for complete list, partial list below.








Japanese (Named PE932D.DLL, if found automatically sets CharSet=932 for all chart controls created)
Chinese (Named PE936D.DLL, if found automatically sets CharSet=936 for all chart controls created)


ProEssentials is Unicode, so handling any type of text within Titles, and Labels should not be a problem. In cases where we don't have a resource file, we can send a small file to convert and create additional resource only DLLs as needed.


You can also disable our menus and dialogs with AllowPopup and AllowCustomization and replace with your own specific menus and dialogs when and if needed.