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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 5: DLL Porting from Earlier Version


To port a C/C++ project to latest DLL, simply copy "PEGRPAPI.H" and "PEGRP32G.LIB" into the project directory.  These files are located in the "C:\ProEssentials9\VC" directory.


Note, this should replace "PEGRPAPI.H" with newer header file.  


Adjust the project's [Linker / Input] section to include the newer LIB file "PEGRP32G.LIB".


Recompiling the project will complete the port.



Related to Porting! Mostly for very old projects.


Printing Logic Needs Changing porting from v5 and ealier.

The addition of clipping logic has the potential to break very old ProEssentials implementations which include custom printing logic. In the process of porting a older application, you should plan on changing calls of PEresetimage to PEresetimageEx or disabling clipping by setting DisableClipping to TRUE.


If you've called PlayMetafile withinn your project, you should replace this call with the ProEssentials PEplaymetafile api call.


Custom Parameter Set now Disabled!

NoCustomParms is now by default set to TRUE. If desired, set this property back to FALSE.