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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 5: DLL Installation


When installing ProEssentials, the setup program installs the ProEssentials DLL into the Window/System directory. On 64 bit systems, look in Windows/SysWow64.


"C:\ProEssentials9\VC" contains the header file and import library.


The relevant files are:



ProEssentials Pro DLL
PEGRP32G.LIB ProEssentials Pro LIB File


ProEssentials Header File



ProEssentials Standard DLL
PEGRPSG.LIB ProEssentials Standard  LIB File


Upon install, the above DLL is stamped with your company name and serial number used within the Setup program.  This signifies the DLL as a retail DLL and not an evaluation version.  On XP, you can [right-click] the DLL within [File Explorer] and view [Properties] and then [Version].  This will show your company info and unique serial number. If the DLL has been stamped, then the "Evaluating Gigasoft ProEssentials" prompt will disappear from the control.