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Chapter 5: DLL Example Code


The DLL interface is implemented within our primary demo "PEDemo.exe"' accessed from...


Start / All Programs / ProEssentials v9 / PEDemo


The Visual Studio source code for this demo is accessed via start menu or found where you installed ProEssentials... (This project will up-convert to any later version of Visual Studio)


Start / All Programs / ProEssentials v9 / Visual Studio Example Project


Within the example project, "PEView.Cpp" contains all the ProEssentials related code.  You can search for example numbers like "030" to find a specific example.  This project is also a good starting point as it lets you try out new features before implementing in your actual project.


The header file  "PEView.H" contains a variable..




This variable stores the Window handle returned from PEcreate.  If you don't see PEcreate being called within an example, look for a function like CreateSimpleGraph, or CreateSimpleSGraph near the top of the example.  These functions are calling PEcreate for you.  Be sure to study examples 000, 100, 200, 300, and 400 first.  


Before checking out the example project, you should try our MFC or Win32 Walk-Through found in this chapter.

For help finding DLL features, use the Contents Tab at the top-left location within this help system, near the bottom, click Reference, and then Alphabetic Listing.