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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 4: DLL Deployment


DLL deployment is simply putting the ProEssentials DLL into your setup script so that it's installed with your application.  Whether you implemented a pure DLL solution or used the WPF, WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, or VCL interfaces, you must always distribute the DLL with your application.


The ProEssentials DLL is named different for Pro, Standard.



ProEssentials v9 Pro


ProEssentials v9 Standard


The ProEssentials 64 bit native DLL is named different for Pro, Standard.

Found in the x64 dir where ProEssentials is installed. Our setup does not copy the native 64 bit file to your system dir. Window/System32 for 64 bit OSs. If developing on a 64 bit system, and wanting to work with native 64 bit, copy this file to Windows/system32.



ProEssentials v9 Pro 64 bit


ProEssentials v9 Standard 64 bit