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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 6: Licensing


Brief Overview:

ProEssentials is sold as a product per developer.  If multiple developers will be developing with ProEssentials, requesting technical support, requiring documentation, references, header files, import libraries, and other compilation materials, then one copy of ProEssentials is needed per developer.  Placing ProEssentials on a build machine or personal laptop is fine as the product is licensed per developer.


For client-side distribution, ProEssentials is Royalty Free when distributed with your client side EXEs.


For server-side distribution, purchasing ProEssentials allows distribution onto one Production Server and one Test Server, but is Not Royalty Free and requires an inexpensive run time Limited Distribution License (LDL) if distributing onto more than one IIS server.  For most customers, no additional licenses are necessary. Only when distributing to multiple IIS servers requires the use of LDLs.  If a customer buys multiple copies of ProEssentials for multiple developers, then they are allowed distribution on to that many production servers.  This also reduces the chance that you may need to purchase an LDL.


Limited Distribution License ( LDL)

For web productions to 3rd party servers, this per PC license allows re-distribution of ProEssentials onto multiple IIS servers. This license does not allow development. This license will be available with volume discounts. As of this writing, the best pricing will be $6999.00 for 250 licenses. This equates to $28 per license to allow for redistribution rights and server side use. Pricing may change so contact Gigasoft, Inc. for current information on pricing.


We are expecting customers distributing ProEssentials onto multiple IIS servers to buy LDLs on behalf of their third party users in cases where the third party needs to place ProEssentials on their own server. We are relying on the honor system and only ask that you keep records of which product serial numbers are assigned to which customers.