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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 4: VCL Installation



Note: If upgrading from an earlier version of ProEssentials, first remove the ProEssentials components from the Delphi/Builder IDE before proceeding.

If your RAD Studio has both Delphi and Builder Personalities, install into the Delphi version.

Our setup does not copy our 64 bit DLL, PEGRP64G.DLL into the 64 bit Windows System dir (System32). To use the Delphi 64 bit platform, copy PEGRP64G.DLL from the ProEssentials install folder/x64 subfolder to the 64 bit Window System32 folder.

Open Gigasoft.dproj... Installation...

When running the ProEssentials setup, the setup program installs the ProEssentials DLL into system32 or SysWow64 on 64 bit systems. It also installs the ProEssentials VCL interfaces into C:\ProEssentials9\Delphi. Your relevant files are:


ProEssentials Pro DLL
GIGASOFT.DPK Delphi Package
PEGRPAPI.PAS ProEssentials Constants and Declarations
PEGVCL.PAS Graph Object
PESGVCL.PAS Scientific Graph Object
PE3DVCL.PAS 3D Scientific Graph Object
PEPSVCL.PAS Polar Object
PEPCVCL.PAS Pie Chart Object


ProEssentials Standard DLL

After setup completes, use the Delphi menus File / Close All and then File / Open to open the file "GIGASOFT.DPROJ" found in the C:\ProEssentials9\Delphi directory. You will see a project pane as shown to the left. Right click near the top "gigasoft.bpl" and select Install. The PAS interfaces are compiled and ProEssentials components installed into the "Additional" tab.
We provide the PAS source incase you want to tinker with the interfaces.