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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 3: DLL Declarations and Constants


The file "PE9API.BAS" contains definitions for global constants and functions exported from the ProEssentials DLL. Before the developer can utilize these constants and functions in a project, these files (or portions of) must be included into the projects module files.



We highly recommend within Visual Basic that [Options Explicit] is declared which will catch problems related to un-initialized variables. This is a good overall programming practice.


ASP Development

The file "PE9API.INC" contains constants / enumerations that are used with enumerated properties such as FontSize. For example, FontSize has the following enumerated possibilities PEFS_SMALL, PEFS_MEDIUM, and PEFS_LARGE. Within VB, the typelib information stores this information and is utilized by the IDE for auto code completion. However, within ASP code, you may need to include "PE9API.INC" for these enumerations to be defined. This lets you prototype / develop your asp code within VB and then copy and paste your code into an ASP page. Just add...


<!-- #include file="" -->


... at the top of your ASP page and all constants will be defined.