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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 3: ActiveX Deployment


Client Side Deployment

EXE Distribution

For EXEs implementing the ActiveX interfaces, deployment includes distributing any OCXs used, our DLL, and the remaining files that make up your application.


ProEssentials relevant files are:


ProEssentials Pro

ProEssentials Standard


Main DLL To Distribute



Graph Object



Scientific Graph Object



3D Scientific Graph Object



Pie Chart Object



Polar / Smith / Rose Object


You will need to either use a setup program to register the OCXs on the target system or use REGSVR32.EXE manually.


We recommend that your setup program handle the registration of the OCXs. All install programs have features to flag an OCX file as "Self-Registering".  Checking this option will result in the setup program registering the OCXs with the operating system.


Note that our above DLLs "DO NOT" need to be registered but do need to be included with your application.  


Your setup program can install the above files into any directory, but we recommend OCXs and DLLs be placed into the system directory.



Web Deployment
Cab Files and Automatic ActiveX Downloading to Client

We did not include a pre-compiled CAB file because the setup program stamps your DLL with your company information. You will need to use the included "Cabarc" utility along with the file "MYCAB.BAT" to create your own CAB file. "SETUP.INF" is included to show an example INF file including all ProEssentials controls. Place all ProEssentials OCXs and above DLL (from your system directory)  into this directory and run "MYCAB.BAT".


If your CAB file only includes ProEssentials redistributables, we will sign your CAB file for $150.00. Just email it to us and call to arrange for payment. However, we recommend you acquire your own Digital ID from or other provider and sign your own CAB and EXE files as needed. We are constantly improving and releasing minor updates. You will need to re-sign your cab after you upgrade. We've also included an example "MYSIGN.BAT" which shows you how to sign your CAB file once you get your own Digital ID.


By adding CODEBASE to your object tag, you can enable online downloading of the control.


The following shows an example of using CODEBASE...










"Cabarc.exe" is provided by Microsoft and can be found in the WebDevelopment directory where you installed ProEssentials.


You should run "Cabarc" in the directory that contains your source files (the INF, OCX, and DLL files). The files archived in the CAB file should be listed on the command line in the same order they are listed in the INF file.