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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 2: .NET Installation


The recommended assemblies are located in the ProEssentials9/DotNetAnyCpu directory. Use ProEssentials9/x64/DotNet64 option for pure 64 bit. Use ProEssentials9/DotNet32 for pure 32 bit.

See our Walk-Through tutorials within this Chapter for specific how-to information for installing our components.

For Framework projects, Net 4.8. Within a Visual Studio project, under the Tools menu, select [Choose Toolbox Items...],

Use the "Browse" button to select the Gigasoft.ProEssentials.dll or Gigasoft.ProEssentialsWpf.dll.


For NET50 projects, you must install our Winforms or WPF controls via by right clicking within Solution Explorer Dependencies, select [Manage Nuget Packages...], and search for "gigasoft net50"


Once installed, ProEssentials components will be added to toolbox palette.

Installing WinForm interfaces will add 5 components:

  • Pego (graph)

    Pesgo (scientific graph)

    Pe3do (3d graph)

    Pepso (polar/smith/rose)

    Pepco (pie chart)

Installing WPF interfaces will add 5 components:

  • PegoWpf (graph)

    PesgoWpf (scientific graph)

    Pe3doWpf (3d graph)

    PepsoWpf (polar/smith/rose)

    PepcoWpf (pie chart)

Installing WebForm interfaces will add 6 components:

  • PegoWeb (graph)

    PesgoWeb (scientific graph)

    Pe3doWeb (3d graph)

    PepsoWeb (polar/smith/rose)

    PepcoWeb (pie chart)

    Pedo (data object)